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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uli Visit Day #2


On the second visit day my Compassion hosts picked me up and we went to the project to wait for Uli and her family.

PH-IO 2012 492PH-IO 2012 497PH-IO 2012 499PH-IO 2012 500

When Uli showed up she was wearing the shirt I had given her the day before.

PH-IO 2012 494PH-IO 2012 495

The sisters liked my braids, so while we were waiting I braided their hair.

PH-IO 2012 508PH-IO 2012 509PH-IO 2012 510PH-IO 2012 512PH-IO 2012 515

Before heading out for the day we went to the local convenience store and bought groceries for the family. ChooChoo, the Compassion host, helped us pick out the basic staples, then Uli filled up another basket with special treats. Most of it was chocolate : )

PH-IO 2012 516PH-IO 2012 517 

We walked back to the project and said hello to a few of the kids who were gathering for the activities that morning.

PH-IO 2012 519PH-IO 2012 520PH-IO 2012 521

We headed out soon after that and before too long we arrived at our destination.

Dufan Theme Park.

PH-IO 2012 522PH-IO 2012 531

The girls had never been to a theme park before and they wanted to try everything!

PH-IO 2012 534PH-IO 2012 645

The first part of the park was an old west town.

PH-IO 2012 551

We went through the tilt house…

PH-IO 2012 544PH-IO 2012 546PH-IO 2012 547PH-IO 2012 548PH-IO 2012 549

…and through the house of mirrors…

PH-IO 2012 554PH-IO 2012 559PH-IO 2012 560

Next we went to what was probably the girls’ favorite part of all. The “It’s a Small World” ride.

PH-IO 2012 632PH-IO 2012 561PH-IO 2012 562

While we were inside I let the girls have my camera and they took about a million photos!

PH-IO 2012 569PH-IO 2012 575PH-IO 2012 572PH-IO 2012 583PH-IO 2012 606PH-IO 2012 590PH-IO 2012 600PH-IO 2012 602PH-IO 2012 607PH-IO 2012 608PH-IO 2012 613PH-IO 2012 624

Then we tried out a roller coaster.

PH-IO 2012 637PH-IO 2012 639

And had lunch in the park

PH-IO 2012 643

Uli was not sure she wanted to ride the swinging boat, but she was really brave and rode it twice!

PH-IO 2012 646PH-IO 2012 652PH-IO 2012 659PH-IO 2012 660PH-IO 2012 670

We went on the Ferris Wheel and again, Uli was not quite sure she wanted to go. But we got her on and she kept her eyes open almost the whole time!

PH-IO 2012 671PH-IO 2012 674PH-IO 2012 680PH-IO 2012 679

Bumper cars were also a big hit

PH-IO 2012 688PH-IO 2012 689

Next we tried out the 4D theater. We had to wait in a long line in the hot sun, but it was fun to watch the penguin movie. The seats moved in sync with the movie and it felt like we were chasing the penguins!

PH-IO 2012 739PH-IO 2012 690

We also rode the swings.

PH-IO 2012 693PH-IO 2012 695PH-IO 2012 703PH-IO 2012 705PH-IO 2012 706

Esther and Uli really wanted to ride this spinning ride. I went along with them, but by the end none of our stomachs were too happy…

PH-IO 2012 722PH-IO 2012 736

After spinning like crazy we decided to escape the midday sun by getting some ice cream and heading to the water rides.

PH-IO 2012 741

Mona, Uli’s oldest sister, was my language buddy. She taught me Bahasa Indonesia words all day long. (I was not a very good student).

PH-IO 2012 742

The first water ride that we rode was a big raft that floated down the rapids. We did not bring the camera with us on the ride, but we made sure to take a picture afterwards…

PH-IO 2012 744

Oh, and I did learn one Indonesian phrase from Mona that I still remember.

Saya basah

I am wet

For our final ride we rode the log ride.

PH-IO 2012 745PH-IO 2012 746PH-IO 2012 747PH-IO 2012 754

On our way out of the park the girls had fun taking photos of each other.

PH-IO 2012 759PH-IO 2012 758PH-IO 2012 762PH-IO 2012 763PH-IO 2012 771

We had an amazing day together riding the rides and getting to know each other better. The Compassion hosts did a great job of translating and in addition to the Indonesian language lessons, the girls and I figured out how to talk with smiles and lots of pointing. We had a few more hours together as we rode back home and said goodbye. But I will write about that later on.

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  1. What an amazing post! It looks like you had a wonderful day with Uli and her family. It's a day that will not soon be forgotten, that's for sure.