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Monday, May 7, 2012

So Much To Share

So, my plans for blogging frequently did not quite work out. Between intermittent internet access on my phone, and days packed full with experiences I was just not able to get anything posted.  

Today I arrived back in Manila after spending a quick three days in Indonesia and then five days on a smaller Philippine island. Tomorrow morning I start my 24-hour trip back to the States.

Since I have not been able to post and share my experiences I found myself taking more time to think about all that was happening and try to process it. I feel like I understand better where the Bible says that Jesus' mother Mary was "storing up all these things in her heart." I have so many stories, so many God moments that I am so thankful for the way things have worked out. 

I am so excited to share these stories with you once I get back to the States and have a good night's rest :) Till then here are just a few of the things that have been happening:
  • I filled up 18GM of memory cards with photos and videos
  • I visited Mary Joy three times
  • I met Careen's parents and almost all of her extended family
  • I met Uli and got to know her and her two older sisters
  • I visited with a friend's LDP student and got to share the love that her sponsor has for her
  • I met another friend's sponsored child and got to hear her story
  • I attended a Compassion project and got to see the work in action
  • I got to visit a good philippina friend and catch up over dinner and coffee
  • I traveled by jeepney, tricycle, tricicad, light rail, and more taxies than I can count
  • I ate fresh coconut
  • I swam in the ocean

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