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Monday, May 14, 2012

Seeing Beauty Everywhere


I live in a beautiful place. The Colorado mountains are in my backyard and provide an ever changing view of the glory of what God has created. I love to go out and hike and just watch the way the mountains change throughout the day and every season.

With all the beauty that I see every day, it never ceases to amaze me how many times I can be surprised and awe inspired by God’s creation.

Asia was no exception.

On my first Saturday in Manila I was sitting around with nothing to do and suddenly I was offered the chance to join a group from my hostel heading on an excursion to a volcano.

I  quickly grabbed my water bottle and we headed out. Our group was made up of eight travelers representing Canada, Australia, India, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and the USA. A fun conglomeration of people and backgrounds. During our two hour bus ride we became quick friends, exchanging travel stories, and experiences.

Once we got to the lake we hired two small boats to take us to the island.

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By the time we arrived at the island I was already captivated by the landscape. The beauty of God’s creative design was shouted by the expanse of the lake, the bluffs behind us, the small islands that seemed to float on the surface of the water, the high peaks, and lush foliage. We don’t have that in Colorado : )

As we started our hike up the long, steep, and dusty trail I turned around often to try and take it all in. I could not believe that I was actually standing there in a place so far from my home.

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Yet, while it was so different, it also felt strikingly similar. The rise of the mountains reminded me so much of home. Also, the guzzling of water and the ache of climbing the hill were oddly familiar and reminded me of hiking The Incline in Colorado (think, a staircase up the side of a mountain). The locals were quick to offer the services of their horses, but I kept going and before I knew it my fellow travelers and I had reached the top. 

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I am so glad that I got to do the hike and meet so many amazing people. It would have been easy for my to stay at the hostel and just rested on my day off, but if I had not gone I would never would have seen the beauty of the volcano. God truly is amazing in His creativity and the beauty He put into our world.

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