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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Other Side Of The World

In just a few hours I will be heading out on an adventure flying halfway around the world. I will going to the Philippines and Indonesia to meet two of my Compassion sponsored children and attend the graduation ceremony for Careen, a college student and “sister” that my family and I have sponsored for many years.

I am so excited to be going. It is going to be great to see my girls, to talk with them, laugh with them, to celebrate Careen’s graduation, and get to know them in a way that is only possible face-to-face.

But…. I am also nervous. My pre-trip jitters don’t really make sense. I have done a lot of traveling before. I have been to South America four times, and Africa once. I have traveled in a group, and with just my siblings. I have met other children I sponsor and come home with amazing stories – I know what I am getting into.

But never before have I traveled completely by myself or gone so far from home. I know that everything will work out, and that God will be with me and guide me, but a few extra prayers would be much appreciated.

As I put the final details on a million different project and tasks that need to be completed before I leave I try and stretch my brain around the fact that I am really going. I have dreamed about this trip for so long, and now it is really going to happen. Tonight I am going to walk through the gate and board the plane that will take me to see Careen, Uli, and Mary Joy.


  1. Safe travels, Sara!

    Enjoy every moment along the way and once you are there.

    Laure (Compassion volunteer)

  2. So excited for you, Sara! Give our greetings to all your kids. AND to Michelle. AND especially to Galuh. oooooh, so excited! --Sherry