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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Manila!

**Edited: Photos added**

All of my flights went well yesterday and I made it to Manila without any problems. After picking up my bags and clearing customs I hopped in a taxi and headed toward my hostel.

As I rode through Manila my first impressions of were that it is very hot and that there is a lot of traffic. The traffic reminded me of Kenya, where everyone drove without regard for the lines on the road. My driver wove in and out of the traffic. Often we would create our own lanes or merge into another lane by sticking our nose in a nonexistent space and all of a sudden it would just open up. The craziness was actually comforting because it felt so familiar to the other trips I have taken.

It took the driver a little while to find my hostel, but he finally located it and I got checked in. I dropped my suitcases in my room, rested for a little while, then headed to the Compassion PH office with my large suitcase full of gifts from other sponsors.

When I got there I was impressed by how modern and well laid out the office was. As I walked  up the stairs I was greeted by a mural of photos and who do I see but Careen! I took a picture, which I will share later when I have time to upload some of my pics.  Careen's photo is in the green circle.

I spoke with a few staff members, dropped off the gifts that other sponsors had sent with me, and then got a tour of the office.

I had a chance to speak with the country director and hear from him about Careen and share my sponsorship story. After participating in a chapel service, I said goodbye and caught a taxi back to my hostel.

I still feeling a bit nauseous from the travel and time change (+14hours from MST), so I am going to get ready and call it an early night.

Tomorrow I have the LDP graduation ceremony at 9am. I will be speaking at the graduation on behalf of sponsors, and most exciting I will be meeting Careen for the first time.


  1. So excited for you, and glad you made it to Manilla! Thank you for taking gifts for our Kate, and we're so excited to hear more about your trip as you are able to update! Praying for you, and God bless!

  2. Wow, today you are speaking at the graduation! I am so excited for you. Be sure to share with us what you said. Careen will be SO proud of her sponsor.

    I hope you will pass on our congratulations to her for accomplishing such an amazing goal. We are so proud of her!

  3. Update soon! I can't wait to hear how your meeting with your precious Careen went!!!!